Tyga Denies Dating Kylie: ‘In Black Culture When You’re Hanging With Someone,...

Tyga Denies Dating Kylie: ‘In Black Culture When You’re Hanging With Someone, You’re Smashing, White culture is different’



We knew it was coming.

After the massacre of shade that was Amber and Khloe Kardashian’s twitter war over Tyga’s ongoing relationship with 17 year old Kylie Jenner, the rapper stopped by the Breakfast Club to clear the air on what’s really going between the two. Per his own request, Tyga swooped into the New York talk show before his concert at the Barclays Center to stan for his favorite girl, saying that he is not dating Kylie, but that the two are just great friends and are working on an app together for business. Interesting!

Tyga also said that him and Chyna are in a great space and are raising their son together through successful co-parenting.

On the Rumors That He Left His Family for Kylie

“I’m not dating Kylie, I just want to get that out the way.

I want to be clear to everybody that I didn’t leave my family to be with Kylie. That’s ridiculous. Me and [Blac] Chyna, we broke up close to a year now and because of the decision we made, and things in our relationship that wasn’t going right, so we decided to split to raise an emotionally stable kid. That’s what we did and now we have a great relationship. He spends as much time as he can with his mom and as much time as he can with me. It ain’t no pressure.

On Black Culture Making His Relationship with Kylie Something It’s Not
It’s crazy. I’ve been knowing her and her family a long time. In black culture, if you hang around somebody you smashing them but white culture is different. They’re really friends….like yo “This is my friend.” It’s genuine; it’s different. How we think is a little different; our mentality. For me, if I say im friends with her and I’m friends with her sister, they’re hoes or we smashing them. It’s like we’re really friends. I respect her mom and family.

On Him and Kylie Coming as Chuckie and Bride of Chuckie for Halloween

Cthagod: You were Chuckie and she was the bride of Chuckie for Halloween?

I thought it was cool. We was going to J.LO’s Halloween party so I didn’t want to be the only nigga there without a Halloween costume. But what does that mean though? It’s not like I’m out here holding hands with her and kissing. I’m not doing anything disrespectful, now what I’m saying? I’m raising my son and I see my son everyday… People just crazy.

Tyga as Chuckie and Kylie Jenner as The Bride of Chuckie - Halloween 2014

On It Being Weird That He Hangs Out With Kylie since his ex Blac Chyna and Kim Used To Be Good Friends
I’m pretty sure it was weird to see us hanging out but it wasn’t weird to nobody in her family really because I always come to the crib even if I was with Chyna or King. King, he would play with North; the nannies would link up and they’d go to the park together. So it was never like a weird situation; when they found out that I did break up with Chyna they were just like, “What happened?” I linked Chyna and Kim together, I introduced them. It’s not like they were best friends and she betrayed her and things like that, it’s nothing like that.

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On If Blac Chyna Feels a Certain Way About the Kylie Dating Rumors Online: 

It’s because what people make it seem and TMZ, you gotta think, TMZ didn’t really care about me until they figured out that I live next door to Kim [Kardashian] and Kanye [West] and all that stuff. But I been friends with them before I even met [Blac] Chyna. I was friends with Skye [Justine Skye] her family for years, so me hanging out with them was nothing new. People just want to make a story out of it. Okay, we figured out who Tyga is and who you’re affiliated with. It’s crazy! It’s crazy, the s*** that they make up is the craziest things I ever heard of.

On Kylie Taking Photos with him and Chyna’s son King

Angela Yee: “Would it upset you if you seen Chyna with another guy taking selfies and with the baby?”

Well first of all, Kylie doesn’t do that. It was a picture with King but that was like a year and half ago and Chyna was at the house when she came over to visit. [No, I’m just asking if that would upset you in general] She wouldn’t do that; she wouldn’t let nobody take a picture of my son and I wouldn’t put them in that situation. But if she was dating somebody else, it’s on her to dictate her life and it’s on me to dictate my life. If I decide in the future that I want to be with Kylie; If I decided I want to be with her again or be with somebody else. I’m going to dictate my life just as she’s going to dictate her life.

Kylie is not a bad red shirt prospect at all.


Kylie with King Cairo

On Kylie Having Good “Energy”

The thing about her is she’s just a good person. You ever meet somebody and you feel like their energy is just good? We’re not talking about what’s on Media Takeout today and what’s negative and stuff. She’s just a good person and comes from a good upbringing and I never met somebody like that or her and her family how they deal with all the bull sh*t.

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On TMZ Not Paying Him Any Mind Until Now

Yeah but when you decide you want to get on that screen that’s what you deal with and you know people sometimes can turn it on and off. We live in the TV; you guys live in the radio. People turn it off and go off with their regular lives. So they really don’t care what goes on in our life. They really don’t care what goes on in our life. They’re going to watch this and then see Big Sean, Wiz [Khalifa], Chris [Brown]. They don’t really care; it’s just entertainment. But I feel like once you vow to do that ..be an entertainer and be famous you deal with it.

On his feud with Drake:

“It’s not really a beef it’s just experiences that I’ve had with him, phone calls and stuff like that. I feel like he’s a nice guy on the outside but, he’s not genuine. He plays people left and right. That’s just my opinion and I’m entitled to have my own opinion. At the end of the day, what I said in the interview was how I felt at that moment.”

On deleting his Tweets to Drake After Drake Told Him to “Act his Age and Not Kylie’s Age

“Sometimes you have a light-skinned moment [Laughs]. First of all, we live in the same [neighborhood]. He knows exactly where my house is, I know exactly where his house is. We live next to each other. My thing is, if it’s real it’s real. If it’s not, it’s not. I just don’t f*** with him as a person because of the experiences that I’ve had with him personally. I’m not going against who he is as a person in the public or his music or anything like that, like I said his music is great. It’s undeniable.

On fallout with Cash Money Records:

“I just kept it real [in the Vibe interview]. It came to a point where I was like, Man I’ma be turning 25 soon and I got a kid now, I can’t be sitting here waiting on the next man. But [Lil] Wayne gave me that opportunity… I would never say anything bad about Wayne.”

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“The business just wasn’t right. It wasn’t Wayne’s fault. You see the situation that’s happening right now… if everything’s good and everybody got millions and 100s of millions of dollars, I need to make sure why mine is not right, you know what I’m saying?”

On how he makes his money and can afford his lifestyle
Instagram is 20% of what I be doing. I feel like that’s the things you got to do to keep your imagination growing. If I stop my imagination, I’m not gonna be able to grow as a person or an artist. We’re living in a day where people don’t make money off music. So you have to figure out your brand. It’s artists that have bigger singles than me and people may think that they are bigger than me. But globally my brand is bigger; I turned an idea “Last Kings” into a 20 million dollar company with me and my brother right here.

It’s a clothing line; we got the store in Melrose and about to open one in Japan; open one in Paris. It’s not just rap music; rap music is what makes is cool and that’s just the foundation. The Last Kings, we got a twenty thousand square feet factory; we actually have 50- 60 workers. If I was to stop doing music and let things affect me, the lives of these people that I hired would be affected. They got families and I’m provided for them and so on, my friends and family. I got Boxer line called Crisp Boxers that were about to launch in all department stores. I just did an investment with Sean Papers (sp?) it’s like gold rolling papers; edible gold; gold cigars, it’s like a novelty item

On his thoughts about Nicki Minaj:

“When I did that interview, people were saying that I called Nicki fake and that wasn’t the case. I just said, me and her just didn’t get along at that moment. Me and Nicki [Minaj] had got into it about something stupid, it was over a song, but that’s what brothers and sisters do. So, I don’t have anything against Nicki. I f*** with her 100%.

We’re still confused as to why Khloe didn’t mention any of this in her argument against Amber yesterday. It kind of came off like she was defending Tyga and Kylie being in a relationship but we digress.

Not to mention, the shade Chyna’s been throwing in her “likes” on IG and Twitter are too real.


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