Tyga Talks Backlash Over Kylie Jenner Age Gap

Tyga Talks Backlash Over Kylie Jenner Age Gap




Tyga visited San Francisco radio station KMEL and in a sit down with Shay Diddy, touched on the controversial age gap between him and girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

Ever since the pair made it known they were dating, they’ve received a lot of criticism from people who think  18-year-old Jenner and 26-year-old Tyga’s  8 year age gap is inappropriate.

Tyga on the other hand, just doesn’t get the hate. To him Kylie is just a really good person. He went on to say “It’s almost like the devil keep trying to like tell me something and not like follow God and not like, just let God do what he wanna do.”

He also mentioned that him being older than Kylie has actually given him the ability to help her deal with being scrutinized by the public eye. “Me being older than Kylie, I’ve been through a lot more things so I can help her more with it even though she’s been more in tabloid media limelight than I have been.”

Shay Diddy brought up the recent stab  Blac Chyna took at Kylie after she announced her cooking show, where Tyga hopped on snapchat defending his boo and her hustle. Chyna slammed Kylie for biting off something she’s been doing for a minute.

Tyga on the other hand said he doesn’t get how one can focus so much on what someone else is doing. He says “the grass  is always greener on the other side to people, worry about your own grass and yours will be just as green.”(Shade)

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It good to see him opening up a bit more and letting us know how he really feels!

Check out the full interview below

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