Chris Brown & Tyga Dish On Kanye Outing Tyga, Amber...

[Video] Chris Brown & Tyga Dish On Kanye Outing Tyga, Amber Twerking On Chris & Beef With Drake On Hot 97



When the Henny in the system… Chris talks for 24 minutes, Tyga talks for 2.

Everyone can probably agree that The Kardashians, Kanye, Tyga, Drake, Amber Rose, and Wiz have seen more drama this week than the story lines of some of your favorite ratchet reality shows.  Who needs cable when your favs no longer believe in keeping their personal lives private?

On Friday, fresh off of Kanye’s interview with The Breakfast Club where he trashed Amber, and praised Tyga for snagging Kylie early, Chris Brown and Tyga stopped by Hot 97 for an interesting, and somewhat drunken interview with afternoon host Nessa.   In the 27-minute interview, Chris Brown did most of the talking and standing up for Tyga as the guys were pressed on topics ranging from Tyga’s recent beef with Drake, to Kanye recently name-dropping Karrueche’s name on a Big Sean track.

Chris, who seemed to be the official spokesperson for the duo, also dished on why he believes his relationship with Karrueche is different than his other relationships,  why he allowed Amber Rose to twerk on him in the club, and what he thought of Kanye somewhat outing Tyga in his recent Breakfast Club interview.

Chris Brown on what’s the hardest thing about being in a relationship

Trying to keep a monogamous relationship but still trying to be the 25 year old sex symbol. That’s the hardest part. All my music appeals to all my female audiences, but you go to shows, and you may walk past Trey’s room and you see about 6 or 7 of them things, and you like, ‘Dang, I just want to slide in there and have a couple of drinks real quick, and tell my girl about it later,’ and it’s kind of hard. But you know what I do, I just bring them all to my room. I’d rather her see it, then hear about it and think something else. I’d rather her see me, in a room full of beautiful women, and I can blame it on my cousins, and my boys, ‘they know them girls’ but I’m really getting my looks in.

[I miss that life, but] I don’t miss it, because I love my girl. At the end of the day, I love my women, so in the same breath, I like to be able to have fun. And she knows I like turning up, and even though it’s not a sexual encounter with females, I just like to be around females, so she knows when girls come around, she’s like, ‘I know you about to have these thirsty girls in here’…

Chris On Why This Relationship Is Different


With this relationship, it’s just different. I think different time periods make you mature a lot faster. You know I’m 25, I can’t be the 19-20 year old Chris that everyone put up with my bull all of the time, so it kind of gets old. They get hip to your lies. It don’t work no more, they get smart. ‘I know that lie!’ And I’m a terrible liar, I start looking down and looking away.

Chris On Tyga’s Beef With Drake
We not getting no check from talking about dude. We giving him all of this publicity, but I can’t keep making these muthaf-ckas famous. I’m responsible for a lot of reviving of careers, even right now, I’m just making him hot right now because I’m talking about him.

**Mocks Drake’s voice** I just look at it a different way. I just look at it a total different way because those guys…

Tyga: Chris is a genuine person that’s just a good friend. The industry is so fake and half of these rappers is just weirdos. Everyone get money and they get this clout and fame, and it turns them into a totally different person. It’s just about being genuine.

Most people do sh-t like that to get publicity and I’m not doing it to get no publicity. I’m not out here going to the radio station to say ‘f-ck Drake,’ and doing all that because I ain’t thirsty. As a man, I’m going to say how I feel about him as a person, because I know him personally.

Chris Brown on Kanye name dropping Karrueche on a song ( The lyrics: Young Walt Disney, I’ma tell you truthfully, If you leave Mickey you gon’ end up with a Goofy, I imagine that’s what Chris told Karrueche)

For her, she’s probably like why are they saying my name on a record? If you look at your self as a great artist, or a big name, we all have an ego. You feel like you are the best person for that person. And I feel like I’m the best person for my girl. I wouldn’t want to see her with anyone else, so it’s like, ‘where do you go from here??’

We not talking about financially. We are talking about, somebody that makes her feel, the way she needs to be treated. I take that comment as, Mickey [Mouse] is your favorite. Mickey is the best. And that’s in anybody’s situation. If any man feels secure in who they are, and confident in what they bring to the table in all aspects, cool, then you can leave me, and you can go down the street and get ten times worse, and be mad. You can get the corny dude.

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Chris On What He Thinks About Kanye

I’m cool with Kanye, I kind of respect him more. A lot of his statements are bold, and a lot of people hate him for it, but I can respect him. No one is giving us nothing in this game. It’s like we don’t get lay ups. We can put out records, and they are like, ‘that records trash or that records great.’ It’s either or, and it’s not promise for us tomorrow. So if our consistency level is that of the 99.9 percentile, you want to take pride in being great. It’s just how you word it sometimes. Like, sometimes when he words it, some people are like, ‘what the hell, why did you say it like that, why did you say that about yourself? Don’t call yourself a God’ and they take it out of context because of what he means. And one thing about it, there is a fine line between insanity and genius, and I think you have to be a little crazy to be great, and I know I’m crazy so I don’t care. And I’m great at the same time so it’s whatever.


Tyga on his Instagram tribute to Kylie
I do [posts like that] for myself. I speak what I feel in my heart, and if I want to express that, then I will express that at that time. If I want to express it later in life, than I will do it later.

Chris On His Reaction To Kanye slipping up in his Breakfast Club Interview and saying Kylie and Tyga were in love (the audio was later edited to omit that part of the interview)
Kanye hold us down playa. Hold us down homie. You black bro. **whispers in a joking way** Shut the f-ck up!

Tyga: If I love her, and I love her as a person, ain’t nobody else gotta deal with that. That’s real. The more your friendship grows, it keeps growing. It’s all about a friendship.

We all hung out before, they said I was dating Kendall. They just our homegirls, they cool, they just kick it with us. So as far as that, I think people like to attach certain situations, because it’s bigger, and it’s something to talk about. People thrive off of negativity. Our society has no morals anymore, of having fun and positive things to talk about. Like ‘oh my God! I’m having a great time with my life. Let me go out and exercise instead of being fat and obese. Let’s talk about someone else’s life to make my life better. People have their morals and their judgements completely shifted of what life is all about.

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Chris On How He Felt About Amber Speaking on Tyga and Kylie’s Situation
At the end of the day, it’s a circle of us. All of us hang out. And I feel like nobody should speak on nobody’s situation. If you are going to try to speak up for somebody else, then you shouldn’t be speaking anyway, let them be bold enough to say what they gotta say. Let them say what they gotta say, and then it can be aired out. But I don’t think social media or any form of publicity should be your key of why you are talking about the next person. If you are promoting your stuff, talking about what you are promoting, talk about what you got going on in your life, don’t talk about the next person’s life. Cause that’s bullsh-t. It’s real bull.

Tyga on whether he thinks Amber was taking up for her friend Blac Chyna when she dissed his friendship with Kylie

Maybe that’s true. They are good friends, and she’s entitled to her opinions just like I’m entitled to my opinion in my life. If it’s my decision to hang around and be with Kylie or be around her, than it’s my decision. I wouldn’t say anything disrespectful to her because I have respect for Wiz and I don’t want anyone to come up here and disrespect my baby mother.

Chris: Keep it cute or put it on mute!

Chris Brown on why he let Amber twerk on him even though he has respect for Wiz

As a man, it’s friendly. I know it wouldn’t go anywhere further than that, but as a man, I’d be stupid as hell. What dude you know ain’t gonna get on that ass when she’s twerking. Just like everybody thirsting and got their thot-ass looking at her Instagram when she’s shaking it in the water, or her twerking to Wiz’s music. So what I’m gonna say ‘No.’ They calling me up on the stage, and she wanna dance, then I’m gonna dance. But it’s not gonna go any further than that because I still have respect for Wiz. Although they are not together, but at the same time, that’s still his baby’s mother. That’s like me pulling Kelly Rowland or anybody up on stage and singing to them or performing to them at my show. I can grind on them or whatever but it’s just a part of the show, it’s entertainment.


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