VIRAL: Paris Survivor Reveals What She Heard While Playing Dead… It Has...

VIRAL: Paris Survivor Reveals What She Heard While Playing Dead… It Has 750,000 Shares





In the days after the horrific massacre in Paris, stories have begun to emerge from the survivors of that terrible night. Their stories are stories of the goodness of other human beings on a night that knew nothing but death.

Fox News reported that one survivor, Isobel Bowdry, took to Facebook to recount what happened. Bowdry was one of the luck ones to survive the shooting in the Bataclan music theater, where over 80 people were gunned down.

“It was just a Friday night at a rock show,” she wrote. “The atmosphere was so happy and everyone was dancing and smiling. And then when the men came through the front entrance and began the shooting, we naively believed it was all part of the show.”

Bowdry wrote of how she watched futures be destroyed that night and how the terrorists circled around “like vultures” killing without a moment’s hesitation.

Her story wasn’t all death and despair. She also wrote of the heroism she witnessed that night, and of the simple goodness of human nature that gave her hope.

“To the man who reassured me and put his life on the line to try and cover my brain whilst i whimpered, to the couple whose last words of love kept me believing the good in the world, to the police who succeeded in rescuing hundreds of people,” she wrote.

She listed off many other people who opened their hearts to her that night and gave her a sense of calm after she had witnessed so much evil and death.

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“You make me believe this world has the potential to be better,” she wrote.


Bowdry’s post has over 2 million likes, and has been shared more than 750,000 times by Monday morning.

Her story is a powerful one that captures everything that happened on that fateful night.

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