IF He Wanted You, He’d Make Time With Out You Begging. He...

IF He Wanted You, He’d Make Time With Out You Begging. He Sees No Future With You.



If you beg a busy man for time & effort, & he keeps neglecting you, woman the hell up & apologize… …to your SELF for settling for an inconsistent boy.

If he wanted you, he’d make time for you w/o you having to ask. Stop being in a relationship with your feelings while he’s in your friends DMs. #EbrahimAseem The girl we ignore is the one we can’t see a future with. We’re not too busy.

By: Ebrahim Aseem Follow @fuel4thebody
Author of, “Why Men commit to the girl after the one who invested in his potential”

I cook a 12 hour shift, speak life into men worldwide, teach children in my culture isiZulu & still find time to take the woman I’m courting out on dates, give effort, time & attention, cuddle her, pray with her & hear her vent, then reassure her she’s everything life has to offer whenever I’m taken. #EbrahimAseem

Boys text. Men call, take you on dates & make time without being told. If he’s local & only texts you, he’s “talking” to multiple women. #EbrahimAseem If a man doesn’t claim you or make time, he doesn’t see a future with you.

The most powerless thing a woman can do is let an inconsistent male know she will stay waiting for him to reach potential he doesn’t have. Stop being “loyal” to complacency. #EbrahimAseem That’s the quickest route to becoming his side chick.

Insecure men side chick loyal women to build his confidence from the ashes of her brokenness. #EbrahimAseem Making her lose her standards & fall for him fills the inadequacy of a weak male’s low self esteem.

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Sex without love does nothing for a genuine man. He doesn’t need side chicks, sexing every girl online, nor approval from other men to be a man.

That man who takes you on dates, showers you with time & affection, yet still claims he doesn’t want anything serious, he isn’t being a “player” he’s being honest. #EbrahimAseem Stop trying to change every man you meet. If you can mold a man into being what you want, he’s not a man.

I’ll teach my daughter time, effort & consistency aren’t things to beg a man for, but standards you have before ever allowing him in your life, & her self love means more than his love. #EbrahimAseem

Queen, you’ll know a man is only yours when you won’t have to beg him for time. He will highlight your strengths & make your stress decline. Don’t forget to love yourself with the same love your heart gives mine. #EbrahimAseem

I want to be the reason you smile so bright, dark thoughts can’t hide in your beautiful mind. I want to make you glow so much, people notice growth in you. Until the shine of your smile eclipses all your trust issues. I want to be your peace. #EbrahimAseem

Men, let’s stop starving these supporter women of effort. She will be guarded. Distant. Difficult. Say she needs more time. She’ll have anxiety flashbacks of her EX. Cry for no reason, feel so broken & not know what the hell she wants. Don’t give up on her. #EbrahimAseem Don’t you make her feel she isn’t enough. Love her consistently, never throw her past in her face. Destroy her demons & trust issues. Bring her closer to her self love & the reward will be her heart.

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