WATCH: Rights Flexing Woman Successfully Stops a Cop from Arresting HER DOG….Seriously

WATCH: Rights Flexing Woman Successfully Stops a Cop from Arresting HER DOG….Seriously




Snowflake, AZ — Dog owner and rights flexing guru, Terri Franklin, stood her ground against a police officer who, get this, tried to arrest her dog.

If a video of this incident didn’t exist, it would be nearly impossible to believe. However, Franklin is not only a rights flexing hero, but she also knows the importance of filming police encounters.

Last weekend, Franklin went to the grocery store with her pit bull in tow like she always does. She left her beloved pet in her own vehicle with the windows cracked while she went into the store. It was not a hot day, and the dog was perfectly safe.

However, when someone walked near the car, her protective pup barked and growled at this passerby. The passerby, apparently being the good police state participant that they were, then called the police to handle this non-situation.

When the officer arrived, he was waiting to pounce.

When Franklin got back to her vehicle, she immediately rolled up the windows and apologized to all those involved. She explained that her dog was normally sweet but very protective of her and her family’s vehicle.

For most people, this apology for a non-incident would have sufficed. But this cop wanted more. He wanted to take Franklin’s dog.

“Officer Whipple proceeds to demand my driver’s license. I, of course, refuse, as I have done nothing wrong and then ask him if I am under arrest?” questioned Franklin.

“Am I under arrest?” Franklin asks.

“No, but your dog is,” says the cop.

Franklin then explains to this cop that the dog had not harmed anyone, not gotten loose, and done absolutely nothing wrong. The officer then ran off with his proverbial tail between his legs.

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Because of Franklin’s refusal to be bullied into an unlawful situation, her and her pit bull remain together as best friends.



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