Welsh nosh: 5 delicious dishes for St. David's Day

Welsh nosh: 5 delicious dishes for St. David's Day



On March 1, Wales celebrates its patron saint Dewi Sant — or Saint David — who is said to have died on that date in 589 A.D. He was a Welsh bishop, teacher and preacher who founded various churches across the country, between pilgramages across the wider world.

The Welsh celebrate St. David’s Day by wearing a daffodil or a leek (both national emblems) in parades, parties and processions. And as with any decent feast day, there’s also quite a bit of eating to be done.

We’ve rounded up five delicious traditional Welsh dishes below.

1. Cawl


Typically eaten on March 1, cawl (which rhymes with owl) is a hearty Welsh stew. If you’re being really traditional, you’ll need to use lamb, but there are many variants to this classic dish, including seafood.

2. Welsh rarebit


Think posh cheese on toast. You’re basically looking at a cheese sauce poured over toasted bread. It is often served with an egg on top — although, confusingly, it’s then also known as “buck rabbit.”

3. Bara brith


This translates to “speckled” or “mottled” bread. It’s a yeast bread made with dried fruit soaked in tea overnight and served sliced and buttered. Sounds a bit weird, but it really tastes quite nice.

4. Glamorgan sausages


This is actually a vegetarian recipe, so the name is really misleading. Glamorgan sausages are made up of a mix of Caerphilly cheese and leeks, then coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

5. Welsh cakes


Also known as “bakestones,” which is the name of the cast-iron griddle they’re historically cooked on, Welsh cakes are little spiced cakes with dried fruit. Perfect for afternoon tea, they’re served warm and sprinkled with sugar.

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