Wendy Williams Says Rihanna Is Too Much Of A Hoebag To Date...

Wendy Williams Says Rihanna Is Too Much Of A Hoebag To Date Leonardo DiCaprio Seriously




Wendy Williams Says Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves Better Than Rihanna

Wendy Williams has had a long history of hating hard on Rihanna’s dating life. The TV host blasted Rihanna as a girl that men don’t take seriously because of her attention sloring ways. Well, it looks like her opinion hasn’t changed yet.

Wendell says the latest rumors about Rihanna dating A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t a good look for him…

She says:

“Are you seriously thinking Mrs. DiCaprio wants her baby boy to bring the likes of Rihanna home? I think that Rihanna is a beautiful girl but Rihanna is a whole lot of dangerous. She’s the kind of girl you might want to go out, let her have the sex with you or you do her or whatever but she’s not the one you bring home for Thanksgiving dinner.

“Beautiful girl, but this is not a keeper. Like if your son brought Rihanna home, what would you do?

“Who would be happy with that, clap. Nobody. Exactly.”

Do you think Wendy is right??



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