WHAT’S HAPPENING IN HIP-POP: Christina Milian Reveals Secret To Bigger Booty, Justin...

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN HIP-POP: Christina Milian Reveals Secret To Bigger Booty, Justin Bieber Pays For Cops’ $200 Dinner, & MORE!



86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Who had the greatest first tweet of all time? Though you’re probably guessing Kanye West, it was actually Big Bird.

The famed Sesame Street character has had a Twitter account since 2012 but only recently did he decide to use it. On Friday, he tweeted:

And in just a couple of hours, over 7,000 people followed him.

Justin Bieber may have a lot of legal woes, but that doesn’t mean police officers are his enemy.

To prove as much, the Biebs paid for a few cops’ $200 dinner in New York when he noticed them eating next to him.

Gossip Cop reports:

The Biebs’ generous gesture happened at the Comfort Diner in midtown Manhattan after he noticed cops dining next to him. Bieber picked up their $200 tab, reports TMZ. Bieber also posed with the NYPD officers and posted the pic on Shots.

Check out the photo above.

Christina Milian wants a bigger booty, and though she isn’t into butt implants, cornbread may do the trick.

The reality tv star hit up the Steve Harvey Show and talked all about how she’s been getting her backside into shape.

“I take twerk-out classes. I do a billion squats. I eat cornbread.” “That’s what the women tell me I should do. I have asked every woman in Atlanta. Every time I come across a great body, [I ask] ‘What do you do? Please tell me ‘and they say ‘Girl, I eat cornbread and greens.’ So I’m trying a lot of methods.”

Thanks for the gem, Tina.

N'Sync London show case 1997

‘N Sync and The Backstreet Boys will be at Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary show tonight!

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N Sync tipped the media off when they tweeted that they were together again on Valentine’s Day with the hashtag #SNL40.

This is going to be epic.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop, E!  | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Shots, Splash


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