White Woman Gives Birth To Black Baby, Claims A Ghost Impregnated Her

White Woman Gives Birth To Black Baby, Claims A Ghost Impregnated Her


White Woman Gives Birth To Black Baby, Claims The Ghost Of Michael Jackson Impregnated Her

A 32-year-old Los Angeles woman is claiming that she was impregnated by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and is now suing his estate. Kiera Johnson, the married mother of two, claims that she was raped by the ghost of Michael Jackson – and her white husband Ken Johnson is sticking by her side.

Kiera claims she was watching the 2 hour Michael Jackson 30 Year Anniversary Special on DVD which aired on HBO in 2001 when she suddenly dozed off during the performance of Thriller. It was at that point, things went horribly wrong.

“All of a sudden, I was awakened by a hand caressing my face. But I was home alone, my husband was at work,” Kiera recalls. “The next thing you know, I’m having this erotic encounter with Michael Jackson. But it wasn’t the white Michael Jackson, he was black, and dressed like he was straight out of the Thriller video. I told him to stop, but he would listen.”

Kiera thought nothing more about the “realistic encounter” she had with M.J. – until May 25, 2016 when she gave birth to her third child. “Everything was going well with the birth,” said her husband Ken. “But then when I saw my son, and he was black, I said ‘What the hell is this!’ I was in absolute shock. That’s when Kiera told me about her terrifying dream. I think it’s wrong what happened and that’s why we are suing Michael Jackson’s estate. We just want a decent amount of child support to help raise his son.”

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Kiera insists she has never cheated on her husband Ken with anybody of any race. Ken says he believes his wife and has no reason to not trust her, she is his “queen.” The Johnsons say they are willing to accept an out-of-court negotiation and are giving the Jackson family until September 1, 2016 to respond. As of yet, the Jackson family has not responded publicly to the allegations.

  • maxx1676

    I believe her !

  • Sandi


  • Dalia Burgos


  • Helios

    Damn you Michael! Coming back black and raping our white women! At least take them to dinner first!

  • Len Woelfel

    Wait. A woman is still watching a DVD in 2016, gets impregnated by a ghost, and you lead with the fact the kid is black? What kind of janky reporting is this?

  • Novia de Mike

    Incredible how far can human stupidity go

  • Arturo Pimentel

    What the fuck !!!! Leave the King of pop RIP… she cheated so now she trying to make an excuse… omg she is dumb n stupid…. her husband dumb asf also… Damm I’ve watched so many Beyonce videos n now I’m wondering if her baby daddy ..lmfao…

  • Tufjuice

    Hack journalism. what jackass would even write an article like this? youre a fucking joke dude?

  • Bonnie Blue

    Well, it worked for Mary…

  • Christina Lewis

    Ha, ha, ha!! Great comment!

  • Cassandra Diane

    …this lyin’ slut and her MORE-than-stupid husband need their azzez kicked…along with the putz who wrote this article…smdh…



  • To the World…STFU

    You need you motherfucken ass whipped you lying dog ass bitch!!! You know dam well your triflin ass was creepin’ on your stupid ass husband while he was at work! They need to lock both of your dumb asses up for coming up with this stupid ass shit! Stupid bitch!! James Graham….You are a stupid mf for writing this stupid shit! ????????????

  • That can’t happen. Come clean woman.

  • marlio

    How can she even prove anything?

  • Lady

    Other family members related to him can be tested. That would squash this real quick.

  • kayla king

    but how can a ghost get someone Impregnated she is really lying

  • Sheresha Walker

    What a joke lol DNA test asap

  • frejojo

    Ya ya ya and I am king David

  • Chip Mangum

    Where did you “journalists” go to school? You repeatedly misspelled the word PENIS. It doesn’t begin with a G.

  • EasyD1

    Now had she said any other Black guy, maybe. That “D” can be pretty potent LOL!!! But Mike? FOHWTBS!!!! The Ghost of Negro Past!

  • Marty DaisyLady Dove

    Granddaughter of a slave who passed for white?

  • Articulate Minority

    I believe every word she said except fill in the Jackson part with a random black guy 🙂

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  • Kayode Ojuolkun

    Immaculate conception!

  • Kayode Ojuolkun

    Somebody must make us laugh. Why not her?

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  • Natedogg265

    You had sex with a black dude and everyone knows it.

  • Marisol

    Coming back black? Should he had come back white? I mean, he was a black man, was he not?….

  • Marisol

    No, the woman and her husband are the jokes. This is an authentic article. It was reported months ago

  • Marisol

    Walking on water worked for Jesus too. So why don’t you try it…

  • Marisol

    Nope, white woman who willingly had sex with a black man….

  • Tufjuice

    Bullshit…that news clip is from a completely different story… didn’t have anything to do with a black ghost…grow up lady.
    The woman who claimed her cousin was trying to get with her

  • Marisol

    Go play in someone’s septic tank. Isn’t that what you do best?

  • Ami

    DNA will prove it! No worries !

  • Wait a minute, so be cause he debunks this stupid article and proves to you that it’s a lie, you talk shit about him? What kind of human being does that make you? You believe everything you read don’t you?

  • Marisol

    It wasn’t what he said, but how he said it…stupid

  • Kay

    She said she watched the movie in 2001 and then gave birth to mjs baby in 2016 I didn’t think pregnancy took that lon

  • Ebony

    Call CPS fast!!!!! That woman is not in her right mind. She may harm the baby!!!

  • VaAllDay703

    She fucked a black man point blank, not a fucking ghost dumb white folk I swear

  • Regina King

    She said my cousin did it he is mad cause he can’t get with me cause I’m married to my husband lmao:)

  • thomas

    this is some bull that lady know she was with a black or her husband have black in him or she do……….

  • Christina Lee

    At the top of the page, in the left hand corner you’ll see a little blue box with the word “satire” in it. This means the article was written purely for entertainment and typically doesn’t contain any truth to it. Most satirical stories are utterly ridiculous sounding, which this one is. If you truly believed this was real, that just shows how little faith anyone has in humanity.

  • Melondy West

    Somebody is lying their @@@ off! At least the kid should look like Michael Jackson, he looks more like Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Marlyn Morgan


  • Marlyn Morgan

    I thought l had read it all !!! I am in stitches! Thank you fb for entertainment.

  • Amanda linton

    That’s just crazy she had sex with a black man behind her hobbies back and has brain washed him into thinking it was a ghost God what is this world coming to women you need to stop using that baby to earn money of and give hillman to some one to love him and look after him Michael Jacksons ghost come on please lol

  • Robert Brady

    Simple way of sorting this out. How about some DNA testing. That will solve it.

  • Tece

    You really should do some research before posting comments to online stories. I mean you are already online, why not just look things up on Google prior to making yourself look dumb?!? Not all satire is fiction!! 2 examples of non-fiction satire:
    The Autobiography of Donald Trump’s Hair
    Barack Obama: A Detailed Response to Benghazi
    I don’t know if this story is true or not. I have seen it on a bunch of different “news” sites but honestly that is not the point I was trying to make. I am just saying maybe before you try to educate others, you should educate yourself!!

  • Christina Lee

    ???????? if I had said “All satirical stories are non-fiction” then I probably would have made myself look dumb, as you put it. However, I did not. This story though, is clearly fiction which is why I commented on it. Have a great day! ✌????️

  • Angela

    How bout she just cheated on her husband with a black man, & don’t want him to whip that ass kmgdsl!!!! Humans

  • TreJaLace


  • Livingstone Joseph

    Her fantasy was to be rape by a black man dress up as Michael Jackson. So she use that as a excuse to cheat on her husband to know how it feels to had a black cock. But karma toke his position and bow now you have a black baby to deal with. Now for the husband he is a big ass jackass ????

  • Willa Gilkey

    And that has never been proven

  • Willa Gilkey

    Yeah, he’s one dumb ass MF’er huh?

  • Maxey Ross


  • cholly8524

    Take that baby away from those two shysters before they hurt him. Bet they take DNA from the baby and Mike they would lock her ass up. Mike’s estate ain’t paying them no attention.

  • Cheryl Mills

    A DNA test will sort that in a hot minute, and then the Jackson family can take her lying arse to court for slander….Sorted.

  • MrFreeman122

    One of them or both of them have Blacks in their bloodline and it surfaced as it will usually do soon or later.

  • tariq

    This has to be a satiricle story

  • Tammy Elaine Lucas

    yes he was born black..some of your comments are stupid.. how can you like someone and don’t even know his true ethnicity.. kmsl at some of you idiots.. Janet Jackson is his sister, and she is black…dummies

  • Tammy Elaine Lucas

    it doesn’t have to be proven.

  • Tammy Elaine Lucas

    why do we have to down people for their opinions or what they say.. If you don’t agree that’s fine then you have every to say so.. but in a different way.. I mean how would you feel if I downed you like that.. honestly keep the negativity to yourself and don’t go out of your way to hurt someone’s feelings.. your basically making someone else feel bad to make your self look good.. not a very nice thing to do..it’s mean and it showed the amount of character behind the computer.

  • Tammy Elaine Lucas

    I bet this story isn’t even true..I’ve seen that same Lady on a news story once before..

  • Cyndy Miller

    This woman has a caring and loyal husband. She should have stopped him from TRYING to collect a penny from the Jackson estate. ‘Cause, if they counter sue her butt is cooked. I feel for the new baby. At some point he will need to know who his daddy is.

  • Beaker

    Only problem with her story is that MIchael Jackson was a white woman.

  • M Rayford

    I believed he watched her having sex with a black guy; they just forgot to use protection, or was that the plan

  • Joy Kagle

    Well damn if they Jackson clan falls for this then I’m claiming his ghost raped me as well, pay me money to. Really this is the stupidest thing yet. I can’t believe these idiots really think anyone is going to believe them or pay them for their stupid claim.

  • Marisol

    Lol, you are a complete phuckN idiot. What does liking someone have to do with their ethnicity? And up course I know that he’s black, dummy.

  • Marcia Jackson Folkes

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • Marcia Jackson Folkes

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha I think I have to start doing research on everyone I like on tele becoz that’s where we like them from

  • rose kyolaba

    It can happen!! I have seen that before, so im not surprising!!!

  • Tweedle Dee

    The ol’ Virgin Mary excuse.

  • olulesi

    Only in the US of A!

  • Attention seekers and apparently getting it.

  • NicoleminCT

    Why would the court waste money on this case? WTF is wrong with this country?

  • Wyndal Arnold

    I believe her. (Bllah haa hee hee hee snicker snicker, Hee blahha ahhh stop it, …..it hurts, hee hee hee blah haa ha ha hee hee no more, …..l……..hee hee blah haaaa)

  • Helios

    It’s a joke guys, lighten up.

  • Cryptid

    Considering the top of the page states “Satire” but no one reads that part. Every single comment taking this article seriously proves humans can’t read and are incredibly stupid.