Why Are British Women Flocking To A Dating Site…To Hook Up With...

Why Are British Women Flocking To A Dating Site…To Hook Up With ISIS Members??




British Women Find ISIS-Affiliated Husbands Through Online Dating Site

Eight British teen girls have run away to Syria to marry ISIS fighters in the last 7 months. What originally seemed random and strange has now bee revealed to be part of a “jihadi bride-trail,” funnelling in impressionable young Muslim women from Europe to become the wives of extremists in Syria via online dating. Apparently hundreds more have proposed marriage to extremists and ISIS fighters through these services.

Via MailOnline:

Radical websites like Jihad Matchmaker, which offers to arrange marriages between Muslim women and Jihadists, have been blamed for encouraging young, impressionable girls to travel to Syria.

Hundreds of besotted British women have put marriage proposals to jihadists fighting on the front line with Islamic State, according to security sources.

One European fighter in Syria who has become a pin-up jihadi fighter has been bombarded with proposals from women all over the world, desperate to be associated with a ‘holy warrior’.

Jihad Matchmaker, which states it is based in Syria, uses the motto ‘keep it halal and get married.’
Its official Twitter account says: ‘Jihad Matchmaker is here to link up those seeking marriage in Syria in a halal manner.’

It is not known how many jihadi brides it has matched to jihadi fighters but it has 378 followers, many of whom are young Western Muslim women. Last year it was forced to deny it was linked to any terrorist groups after it was alleged to been responsible for helping to radicalize teenage girls in the UK.

It encourages Muslim women seeking a jihadi husband to make contact through a third party or agent who can represent the girl’s interests under Islamic law.

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So strange! Why can’t the jihadi extremists find wives in their own country…and WHY are these young women so fascinated with leaving their entire family and life behind to marry strangers in a war-torn nation?


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