Why Have Scott Disick + Chris Brown Been Hanging Out So Much...

Why Have Scott Disick + Chris Brown Been Hanging Out So Much Lately?




SD + CB are some of Hollywood’s finest. They’re both very successful and have proved to be great fathers to some beautiful children! These two are also very attractive and definitely like to party and it’s no secret. But, check this out! TMZ actually had something nice to say about Chris Brown today. They’re suggesting that the reason why he and Scott have been hanging out so much is because they’re helping each other stay sober.

Both guys have held their own through their experiences with substance abuse, but all the mothers of their children have required of them is to spend less time partying and be more responsible.

TMZ says, “We’re told the 2 have become fast friends and have bonded over water … and lots of it. Scott and Chris both insist that’s all they drank when they went clubbing together a few days back at 1OAK.”

One does not drink water at 1Oak. In all seriousness, unless TMZ is pulling our leg again, this is awesome for these guys!
TSR Intern: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!
Source Cited: http://www.tmz.com/2015/12/27/chris-brown-scott-disick-sober/


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