Why she doesn’t SUBMIT to you.

Why she doesn’t SUBMIT to you.



The reason she doesn’t submit to you is, she doesn’t trust your ability to lead her. You can’t even lead yourself. #EbrahimAseem A genuine woman will never submit to inconsistency. Stop trying to control a woman or calling her “smart mouthed.”

Men, we can’t be fooled to think these “ride or die” girls who stay “loyal” after we put her through hell really love us. A girl who submits to your inconsistencies & never calls out your mistakes has no investment in your growth. #EbrahimAseem She intentionally holds back your growth so you won’t out-grow & leave her.

Staying loyal to him even when you think you’re being played isn’t loyalty. If you can’t respectfully call him out on inconsistency, you’re disloyal to your worth & you don’t love him. Be more loyal to the red flags you see than you are to potential he never reaches. #EbrahimAseem

If you’re a woman who respectfully speaks your mind, know you’re so intimidating to an insecure boy & so attractive to a confident man. But queen, YOU define your worth, not a man. #EbrahimAseem

Stop wasting years & tears waiting for that neglecting, cheating, can’t text back but can like 157 girls pics on Instagram-ass lame to change for you. Men don’t change for a woman. A man changes for himself & grows for his self love. #EbrahimAseem Stop submitting to complacency, which has no potential. Be more loyal to the red flags you see than you are to potential he never reaches.

It’s not your job as a woman to submit to an inconsistent boy & teach him how to be a man, provide, work, listen, understand & comfort you. Don’t get being his woman confused with “being his mother”. #EbrahimAseem Some of y’all girls are adopting grown ass men & submitting yourself to inconsistent little boys.

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As rugged & masculine as I am, I want a wife, whose affectionate nurturing makes me submit my heart, loyalty & romantic aggression to only her. My consistency & providing will make her submit her trust & patience to me. Submission isn’t about “control”. It’s about reciprocating all we both give.