Woman Knocked Out In Dublin Pizza Shop As Fight Escalates

Woman Knocked Out In Dublin Pizza Shop As Fight Escalates



There were some outrageous scenes in this Dublin pizza shop when a fight escalated and a woman was knocked out by no fault of her own.

The video starts off with a man getting lary over the counter to one of the staff members, and after telling him to come outside with him, an Irish man next to him gets involved. Obviously sticking up for the takeaway staff, he has a go at the fella, but it doesn’t go well.

A bit of a scuffle soon turns into a full on brawl that covers pretty much the whole area of the shop. And while people are trying to get in the middle, a girl topples and hits her head on the floor – instantly knocking her out. According to Shock Mansion, the girl was British and over in Dublin with friends.

It’s not long till the girl’s boyfriend comes in and realises his “woman” has just been KO’d. He doesn’t take it lightly. The fight then spills outside, with the British lad defending his lady.

And we’re left with another reason why drinking excessively never ends well.



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