Workout Tips for When You’re Just Not Feeling It!

Workout Tips for When You’re Just Not Feeling It!



It feels good to be in shape and we all want to look good, right? However, the truth is that we don’t always feel motivated enough to push through an hour or two of training, but that’s okay! I have succumbed to a lack of motivation while working out many times, but luckily, I’ve learned a few of tricks over the years that can help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time (*Read: SPEND LESS TIME WORKING OUT). Try some of these out, roommates and see if they help you out!

Walking on an incline with weights


You’d basically be adding weight to yourself which is going to burn more calories. If you think about it, heavier people burn more calories than people who are closer to their “healthy” weight, because it takes the heavier person more energy to move. Therefore, if you can trick your body into thinking you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories!

Shorten your rest periods while lifting



When you shorten your rest periods between sets, it is still considered HIIT training. This type of training increases your heart rate which, you guessed it, is going to burn more calories! So next time you’re in the weight room, try creating “supersets”. All this entails is doing two different exercises consecutively to keep that heart rate up and then resting! Need some ideas? Try these!



And when you are doing squats, please go ass to the grass! Otherwise, there is almost no point. Get that ass as close to the ground as possible in order to maximize your energy, so that way you don’t have to do as many to get a good workout.

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Just have fun!


The minute you get bored is when your motivation goes down the toilet. Refrain from doing the same exercises every day and spice it up! Hit a Zumba class and get your friends involved!

Happy fitness, Roommates!

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