If You’re Going to “Get to Know Her,” Do It RIGHT!

If You’re Going to “Get to Know Her,” Do It RIGHT!


Going up to her, politely striking up small talk and carrying on just long enough to get to the part where you ask her if she minds that you contact her later on via phone call is cool. It’s the phone call itself that we’ve been doing all wrong.

When it comes to getting to know a woman, we have to do more than simply ask how her day is going and patiently wait for her to finish before we change the subject. Or ask what she ate, or crack a few jokes here and there to prove we can make her laugh. Getting to know her has to include paying attention to when she goes on and on a bout a subject. That means there’s more to that topic and a chance to get to know her. Pay attention to when she avoids a question, and be careful about how you talk about related subjects in the future for there may be pain there. If she starts the conversation, you damn well better find a way to keep it going because she made time for the two of you. Take mental notes of the pauses that make her think, and increase them, that’s her mental stimulation at work.

Getting to know a woman is more than simply being familiar with her, but rather a concerted effort to understand her. This is important because one day, you’ll need to know when something’s not right without her having to tell you, because she may not have the strength to.

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